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Benjamin "Zachary" Clark

" Remember Ben Clark? He hit the headlines a while back when he had triple rollover lottery jackpot win. You might have seen him on Social Media. He was a normal bloke, pretty likeable apparently but I didn’t know him then. He’s now an absolute dickhead and the Boss from hell.

He set up Betzack (He now calls himself Zack) to invite everyone to bet him, as he’s an “inspirational winner”! You won the lottery mate, you didn’t cure Cancer. This man does not deserve any more money. Help us take him down! We will be live soon and have the best odds on the market. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had betting on sports. Follow him on Social Media, He’s pretty funny to be fair! "

Anonymous - BetZack employee

  • Premier League

  • Football League

  • International leagues

  • Horse Racing

  • Combat Sports

  • US Sports

  • & So much more

We are the world’s first story-based interactive Sportsbook

  • Follow Zack's hilarious content across Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and Youtube

  • Bet against him and attempt to take some of his jackpot win

  • Have interactive banter with Zack before after and during the event.

  • The most engaging and captivating sports betting experience

  • Reinventing Sports Betting Entertainment

20% of all profits go to a charities chosen by you !

Winning has never felt so good !

You won't want to put it Down

Whether its checking what Zack's up to on his Instagram story or seeing what odd's he's offering on the big Match! You just won't want to put it down. Betzack is the most fun you'll have betting on Sports

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